Weekly Photo Challenge – Launch


So I know, I’m a little late for the Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge for the Jan 6 theme of “launch” but I happened to snap this today and just had to share. This little darling is Tex, a 4 year old Tabby and the T stands for Trouble. She is sweet and loving when she wants to be, but feisty and stubborn more often than not. Yet, no matter how diabolical her plans prove to be, she always manages to find the most angelic ways to slumber.

On this blisteringly cold, Florida winter afternoon (80 degrees) we find her dreaming of Olympic ski jumping. Tex stands poised on her specially adapted skis, surveying the impressive expanse of snow capped solitude that reaches out before her. She breaths in deep the thin, crisp air as she prepares for the leap ahead of her. The clock to her left begins to count down with a loud, jarring tone and then a buzz signaling go. With a shove Tex is hurdling down the slope, muscles taunt, balanced and prepared. Before a moment can go by the slope suddenly ramps toward the sky and with a graceful push away from the ground, this feline is airborne. As she soars through the sky, she spots a near by flock of birds passing without fear that a predator has taken to the air. With an expert maneuver, she veers toward them and begins an aerial assault they could have never prepared for. Bloodied feathers float listlessly to the ground as a maniacal, chittering meow echoes across the mountain side.

Hey, why not, it’s a kitty’s dream!


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