Weekly Photo Challenge – Simple

I have recently taken up crocheting which has reinvigored my interested in knitting as well. I found many patterns for both technique claiming to be simple but when you have very little experience, nothing is truly simple. The key is to take it a stitch at a time. Trust your pattern but ultimately trust your instincts. If it’s not looking right in the process, chances are it’s not going to be right when it’s done. Never fret, just pull the thread and start again.

In almost all needlework you are weaving one continuous thread in a series of varying knots to create some greater piece. There is a beauty in such an understanding. There is zen and flow to the crafts, you must not pull too tightly nor allow it to be too loose. Depending on the size or design you will have to incorporate additional threads to complete the piece. When you do this correctly, not matter how many different threads you have used, it still appears as one solid unit.


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