Life is Too Short for Shitty Food.

I want to congratulate all my friends that have been dedicating themselves to staying in shape and eating right. It’s exciting to see everyone posting about going to the gym and making healthy food choices. You guys are all amazing! I’ve decided I’m going to start posting a healthy tip every day, in case any one of you wakes up with no time to workout, can’t find your motivation to hit the gym or is tempted by the McGriddle. Then you’ll see the “Awesome Tip of the Day” on your wall and remember what you’re trying to do. Most of them will be about sustainability. Remember that weight loss is a temporary goal, permanent lifestyle change is what will keep you there. Baby steps though, you gotta get it to maintain it.

Today’s tip – Life is too short for shitty food.

If you don’t like it, you’re not going to eat it. No matter how good Dr. Oz says it is for you. There is such a plethora of good for you foods that there’s no point in wasting time forcing yourself to eat something you hate. Do your research, experiment, find out what you like. Incorporating delicious and healthy things into your diet will give you so much energy for the work outs you may struggle to keep up with. Maybe it’s just replacing rice with quinoa or sour cream with greek yogurt. Your palette will open up and so will your desires for new and better foods. Maybe not a raw spinach, kale and wheat grass smoothie just yet, or maybe not ever. But you will start to see veggies as tasty and not vehicles for dips. I’m not going to lie and tell you you’ll never want a chip ever again, but you will be able to not eat the entire god damn bag. Eventually you won’t even like the really awful foods anymore.

No really!

Trust me I remember, as a kid, what a treat it was to get a kid’s meal from Burger King or McDonalds. Now I can hardly stand the smell of their burgers, or it makes me want a better burger from Five Guys or homemade. I suppose the keyword there was “treat”. Growing up, I don’t think we ever had fast food when it wasn’t summer break. When I say fast food, I mean the places where it can barely even be considered food. It is possible to get good food fast. We were a military family so summer meant we were usually in the process of moving and the Burger King drive through was a reward for not acting like little shits. In my college days I went through a vegan/vegetarian kick and swore off fast food. Subway didn’t count because when was the last time you saw those sandwich artists move fast? I went for 4 years before I ate a McDonald’s hamburger and I could barely stomach the thing. Sure it was delicious but as it sat like a stone in my belly I began to feel just really awful. It’s not like I hadn’t had a burger in that amount of time (I had become a pescetarian with Fridays off, or as I called it, Reverse Catholic), but they’d been quality and minimally processed. And that’s my point, you’re relationship with food will evolve. Try different restrictions to see what you can live with out and be forced to at least try new things. It’s like my mom always said “Just try it, you don’t have to like it.”


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