Bullying vs. Tough Love?

My two cents on the overweight reporter debate.

Essentially I do support the fact that people deserve to live a life free of harassment and bullying. No exclusions or exemptions because what makes one form ok and the other wrong? The viewer was trying to make a valid point but did so in a backhanded, passive aggressive manner. It seemed like the Stepford version of wanton.

What was that valid point you may ask? That public figures do have, to some degrees, influence over impressionable viewers. In the reporter’s reply, she admits to being obese. Can we all please stop pretending it’s ok to be obese? I’m not going to get into curvy, stout, portly, sturdy, or any other euphemisms for fat because once again that is a subjective matter. But obese is a serious medical concern indicating that one’s body fat is endangering one’s health. Certainly I do not advocate criticizing the obese for their condition but it should be treated as any other destructive addiction.

I don’t care if your a size 2 or 22, if your body struggles to perform the most basic of functions, it’s time to change. If your joints are giving out and your liver is shutting down, seek help. Don’t hide behind all this “everybody’s beautiful” feel good crap. It’s what’s on the inside that does count, and if inside is cholesterol and overstressed organs then ya, it’s time to change.


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