Big Kid Pants

We did so much adulting today!

That’s right, taxes, 401k, and health insurance all done before noon in pajamas. To reward ourselves, as the big damn adults we are, we bought candy, root beer, and ice cream. No shame, no regret, just good old sugar induced dopamine high. If we all must abide one sin, mine is most certainly gluttony. The thought of food excites me to the point of motivation. I understand calories as a measure for energy. The cost of exercise is a cheap sacrifice for the awesomeness that is food. Food food foodie food food yum yum yum I love food!

Ya, grownup stuff. It’s been a great deal of joy actually to find myself being perfectly on time to what I measure as success for life. I love productivity days with my fiance. Working together, things actually get done and so smoothly. I guess that’s the importance of pairing up. You either decide what you’re willing to sacrifice for autonomy or you find your partner to share the load. And I’m so grateful my partner was built to be durable and strong, there’s nothing I can’t handle without him by my side.

Though I must protest, he is my down fall, the enabler of my glutinous tendencies. But hey, he still thinks I’ve got a gold star booty so ain’t gonna worry.

I also made a lot of progress on a new project today. Working title “God’s War” is a philosophical fable of evolution based on some ideas I’ve been day dreaming on. It’ll be a big project with lots of research to make sure I do it right. But hard work pays off.

All in all, it’s not much to report today. But that’s okay every little bit of progress still counts. A little over the deadline but that is ok, at least I accomplished it.


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