I am really really really over the restrictions society wants to place on my breasts. I considered myself inferior for far too long because I can’t fill an A-cup. I stopped doing anything that required me to “get dressed” which was the category of everything that involves wearing anything more substantial than a sports bra. I got rid of otherwise fantastic clothing because I didn’t like the way it made my boobs look. I feel embarrassed or self-conscious is people could see too much of my breasts or even if my nipples were visible. I didn’t like my breasts simply because they didn’t fit the standard. I have focused too much energy into how to improve my breasts.

well, I’m fucking over it. Society, you can have these fears back, I don’t want them. My tits are fucking spectacular, functional, and I can sleep on my stomach. One day milk will come put of my nipples and give sustenance and nutrition to my child and I don’t give a good god damn if that bothers you. I am also married as fuck. He loves my boobs, and is secure enough to not worry about who else sees them. I do not have any interest in finding a new man or attracting any other attention and my husband is not worried about any man trying to steal me away. He knows that any one who dares to insert themselves between us should fear the fury and wrath of an annoyed goddess.

So I’m going to stop giving a fuck what the opinions of others are about my breasts. I may still have to abide hypocritical and oppressive decency laws, but not in the privacy of my own home. I’m going to wear what I want to wear, be comfortable and just stop giving two fucks about who might see a nip slip. If you’re someone who knows where I live and comes in frequently, then clearly I trust you and find you non-threatening, but be warned you will see my boobs at some point.


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