This is a Journal

Plain and simple. This is not a news site. This is not expert advice. None of these words are to be relied upon as fact. Everything I have to say is an expression, the sum of my current experience. This is a journal.

Because of the personal nature of what I have to say, I’m not going to bother with too much editing. I’ll be sure to correct whatever errors spellcheck catches and maybe some syntax issues, but beyond that I am not going to let the process of editing be what keeps me from posting anymore. My worst habit as a writer is that I write pages upon pages of really thick prose and stream of consciousness but then never doing anything with it because I am exhausted by the end, decide to leave editing to next time, and then never do so because by the next time I feel motivated I am too excited about the next topic I want to write on. Sometimes I just can’t think of the ending (or even worse, a start) so a piece will sit in limbo for ages, usually becoming outdated because I’ll have had some other, bigger, more developed concept of the subject.

A huge pet peeve of mine has become the tendency for blogs to masquerade as news sites. So many bloggers are being regarded as independent journalists, but if you follow the trails of links you soon discover they’re mostly reviewing each others opinions. My opinion on the lot of them is that they’re all just jockeying to be the first to have an opinion, or to be the one that has the best version of that opinion. The search for actual knowledge on the internet has become overly convoluted and you can’t always find good truthful information on a subject in the first google page. People are so caught up in “fast” information and the competition to be the first to break the news so great that we’re moving faster than the speed of truth. Something happens and within minutes the internet is flooded with opinion, but not much fact because there is none. We’re treating a moment in time as the proof and not the thesis.

I dream of starting a new form of encyclopedia. You purchase a tablet or e-reader from this “encyclopedia” company. This company employs an army of experts and researchers that would study and compile information on the many subjects covered by the encyclopedia. There would be annual updates, encompassing any major shift in knowledge or thinking on a subject, as well as a regular monthly publication of new research and findings being done that would be delivered wireless as an interactive magazine, all included with your subscription. It would be a verifiable data base of all modern knowledge, unlimited by it’s medium and as unbiased as possible. Until then I don’t trust shit that I read on the internet.

My point is, when you are reading a blog that what your reading is, more often than not, an opinion. It might be a popular opinion, and it might be very well founded, but it is not fact. Very little is fact. Know that when you read my blog in particular, you are reading a diary. If something is misspelled, out of place, incomplete, or just plain wrong, don’t worry about it, don’t judge it. Not every philosophy is going to be complete, not ever answer has exhausted all possible outcomes, and I guarantee that there will be mistaken assumptions. Because I am a human. We are imperfect, our philosophies incomplete, our continuity scrambled. My opinion on a subject is simply the last argument that convinced me of it. I am not asking for your forgiveness of my faults, I’ve already done that. I’m just asking you don’t sick the angry mob on me or anyone else with an opinion different than yours. Just keep reading. Keep reading, read everything you can and keep thinking for yourself. The only true freedoms are obtained through knowledge.


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