oct thirtieth

Sometimes I walk around my house wondering where all this stuff came from. I have so much junk; it’s taking up valuable space. I’m never going to use it and I should just get rid of it. One day I finally decide I’m going to do it, I’m going to get organized! I crave to be organized in the way that some people crave to be on american idol. I pick a box and start there. As I begin to pull things out, the things I’ve collected have more emotional muscle than I’m ready to tackle. I end up getting rid of maybe ten percent. Eventually the project get the seal of “Good enough,” the box gets put away, and quickly forgotten about. I sort of have the same approach when it comes to charity.

I couldn’t be happier; the cats are having a great day. There’s been some integrational distress after introducing my long displaced cat. I’ve loved her since I got her in college. Jack refers to her as my familiar. Maybe it’s been the break in the weather or that I’ve had more time to give her attention, things have been getting better. Yesterday she got out into the garage before I had to leave for work. The garage is where I’m parked. I open that garage door, she’ll bolt. So what to do? Close the door, go about the rest of the morning, and then when I’m ready to leave I’ll deal with her then. Instead of five minutes of chasing her around the car, I opened the door and she trotted happily back inside. And just today, I caught all three of them sitting happily together under the bush. Chewie was content to chirp at the majestic cardinal sitting at the feeder, Tex (mine) slinked past him cautiously, I think she was practicing being invisible. After a moment, Jean Luc zoomed in to sniff at her tail. Jean Luc is in love with her. Chewie thinks she’s a demon she-cat beast sent from an alternate dimension where he occasionally fights crime. She thinks that she and I are being held against are will and is constantly trying to escape to get help. She hissed mildly, though I believe it was mostly surprise. I think she learned that from me.

Went to the gym at work on my lunch break. There were no guys there but the place was full! What struck me the most was the lack of oppressive edm or metal blaring from the speakers. Also no waiting to use a barbell or any stations. So I put in a good work out. I love feeling my muscles move in rhythm together, a symphony of fibers.

Ok I’m bored now. Think I’ll go outside and play


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