november one

Today was a good fuck day. I woke up a little early for me and got to raking the yard finally. It was long over due and I now finally understand the point of doing things a little bit at a time. I’m finally understanding that if I put off a task more and more that it becomes a large mess and unsolveable. So little bit of raking once a week, even if it doesn’t look like it needs it.

I don’t know why I’m still talking about raking. I guess I’m just excited about it being fall. Autumn is my favorite season, there is a nostolgia to the colored leaves and cloudy skies. The warm air and cool breezes. All the food. People seem happier this time of year. I think they’re just so happy that the heat of the summer has finally broken and it’s about to be the best time of year to be in florida. The pressure of the peak seasons has receeded and the population suddenly has some room to breath. I think my favorite memories from childhood all have a fall feeling to them. It’s the time to start preparing for winter, getting out that favorite sweater that you haven’t gotten to wear since last season. It’s time for pumpkin in and on everything (though truth be told, the trend has jumped the shark).

I was able to knock out about an hour of work before the sun started to cool me (not that cool yet), so I came in, showered, cooked an egg and ate my breakfast, then sat down to begin work on my novel for the NaNoWriMo challenge. Now that I’ve decided on what exactly I’m going to write about, I decided to break down the chapters by major themes. Then I worked out a few essays on each subject to sort of given me guidence when  I go back and fill it in from the work I’ve prepared. I’m really excited now that I feel I have a clear vision of my method for doing this. I’m already thinking of the next book I want to write but I have to resist the temptation to jump to working on that now. I was able to get what feels like a lot done in a short amount of time. I’d say I probably put in about two hours of work in, not bad for a busy day. With work being as slow as it was I was able to get even more done. All in all I’m pretty proud of myself, now I just gotta keep that up.


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