july the eleventh

Why do I write? More specifically why do I blog? I guess because I have something to say. I’ve given myself permission for my blog to be a place to take risks and to just put it out there. If I’ve got a huge draft folder of pieces I spent hours on but then due to over thinking, will probably never publish. But’s that’s fine because I’ve found that I have a tendency to find what I was actually trying to say later. Typically in something unrelated or in a round about way.

I published an essay yesterday that I almost immediately regretted. I nearly retracted it, worried of the repercussions of my underdeveloped voice. It’s important to know the audience but I’ll hamstring myself if I spend all my time trying to cater to them. Little fun fact about me, satire and sarcasm are basically my entire wheel house. I think the best way to make a point is to say the complete opposite of what I meant and hope the reader is so shocked that they understand that no rational human thinks like this and the use of hyperbole is meant to break stagnant thought patterns. Done well, this is an excellent way of making a bold statement. Done carelessly or without clear voice and it’s easy to sound like the side you wish to protest.

But to know if you’re making the right point, I suppose I’m going to have to let someone else read it. Call me irresponsible, but I’m going to think of myself as brave. I know full well one day I will look back on my early writings and cringe at the amateur and trigger happy use of inflammatory language. But in the mean time I’m going to just keep doing it, reread my word, listen to critique and carve out a voice worth listening to from it.



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