july the fourteenth

I forgot what I sat down to write. I had some grand thing in mind. Something witty and timely, but then I got caught up reading articles about people crashing their car and finding a dead body while playing Pokémon GO.

I am so enamored by the village of Yellow Springs. Every time I come here I never want to leave. It’s hard to imagine anywhere quite like it. It’s what Norman Rockwell would have painted after he went through a phase of LSD experimentation. I think I reach a point where I lose perception of the fact that at some point, I have to go home.

That’s what I like about travel. I get to leave my reality and enter another. I let go of the world back home and become as fully present as one can in the world I have entered. I get to become someone unconcerned with the politics and social niceties of home. I’m more than happy to forget about the bills to be paid or the job I work to pay those bills. Easy to forget the ever forward march of time and mounting responsibilities that come from living long enough to be an adult.

I’m bored by details. I like vacation the way my husband and I vacation. We arrive, we make it up as we go, and then we begrudgingly return home. The question “What do you want to do for dinner tonight” when asked at home is like a rock on my chest. I don’t care, just make sure I’m fed by 7pm. On vacation, that same question is an invitation to adventure. “What do you want to eat” means “What do you want to experience?” I don’t buy clothes at home, but on vacation that 50$ top also counts as a souvenir. Unless there is an excursion booked, we wake up and go to sleep when our bodies have said “enough!” On vacation, the red light runners and the too slow people in front of me at the grocery line are not my problem. The property taxes are not my problem. The weather is not my problem. What those people in the store might have thought about me is not my problem. Why should I worry about any of it, this is not my town, not my home, not my problem. Clothes strewn on the bed are not my problem. Dishes at the end of the meal are not my problem. The water bill is not my problem.

The only thing I have to remember is to write it all down.



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