eastbound • moment

While driving home tonight I came upon a blockade of traffic on i4. There was a construction merge up ahead. It was well alerted if you were paying attention to the road.

I had been in the far right, because sometimes I like to drive like a little old lady, and the merge was into the far left. I slowed to the posted speed, was able to take my time, signaled with ample time.

Getting into the middle lane, I could see from the aggressive way the rusty white van next to me was driving that it would be simpler for me to slow and pass in front of the vehicle behind it. I rolled down the window and waved thank you. Times like this I wish I could do something more to reward other drivers for being kind. I want to click their like button or send some sort of emoji.

Making the next left merge was a breeze. The construction zone was only about a mile. I stuck to the posted speed limit, out of courtesy to the construction workers. There were no accidents, no one was rude to each other, the whole thing took around 5 minutes, everyone went home alive.

Thanks, Orlando, for that random moment of zen.

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