Love Punk

So Love Punk is this crazy idea that says the only to triumph over hate is love, so we must let love be our weapon.

I used to joke around that modern living has left us so blinded by hate and bored by extraordinary that the only way left to rebel and really leave an impact on people is to be kind. No one expects that! I like to be aggressively nice to people. I’ll hug strangers longer than expected. I’ll smile and make eye contact, whether people want to or not. I’ve decided to argue from the perspective of assuming the best in others. What I mean is actually quite simple, yet the most impossible thing to do. Separate emotion from judgement. Ya that guy might look sketchy and I’m going to use my judgement to be cautious but I’m going to assume I’m looking at the product of a very unfortunate day and offer kindness instead.

Now, a Love Punk state of mind is becoming more and more real to me. It is a vision for vigilanty charity and compassion in the face of the isolation culture. Only by reaching out in faith to each other can we spread the ideas of love, cooperation, and social awareness.


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