The problems these days

  • We are not an animal capable of living in isolation. For the advantages of herd living (cities, suburbs, towns, even rural) we must make sacrifices for the sake of cooperation. We all must trade with one another, we all must provide our services as best adapted to our individual skills and not worry about money. We live outside our means because we have been taught that success is measured by the glut of your wealth.
  • We thrive on a culture of bullying, it can be so hard to hear your friends laughing with you when you’re so accustomed to hearing laughter directed at misfortune.
  • Time has become a commodity we are too careless with whom we trade. We must keep our time sacred, dedicate more to our own dreams than the dreams of others.
  • We are constantly assuming the worst in others and in ourselves.
  • We apologize for everything! We apologize for not being sorry about things? Our defensive, inward attitudes and offensive perceptions create hostile energies and block any hope at cooperation the more and more value systems do not align.

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